IT Careers With A Computer Science Major

IT Careers with a Computer Science Major If you spent most of your high school in the computer lab learning how to make it do cool things by stringing together a bunch of words that might look like gibberish to the uninitiated, but to you they spell “code,” then you are among the lucky few … Continue reading IT Careers With A Computer Science Major

IT Careers with a Computer Science Major

If you spent most of your high school in the computer lab learning how to make it do cool things by stringing together a bunch of words that might look like gibberish to the uninitiated, but to you they spell “code,” then you are among the lucky few who have a clear career path ahead of them.

Yes, computer science may be a lot more than writing programs, but for a lot of IT professionals, that’s where the seeds of passion are sown.

So, if you are passionate about making this wondrous little machine do wonderful things and have a few other qualities like an aptitude for math, logical and analytical ability, and problem solving skills, then you are an ideal candidate for computer science programs.

A computer science major will give you the opportunity to work with cutting edge technologies in a broad spectrum of exciting jobs that involve designing software, writing code, maintaining systems, managing database, etc. Some of the popular computer science careers are as follows:

-Computer Programmer:

A computer programmer uses programming languages like C++, Java, etc. to write a series of commands that a computer follows to complete a task. Programmers are also responsible for testing, debugging, modifying, and expanding existing programs.

Computer programmers can find employment in a variety of industries ranging from IT firms to financial institutions. As they get more technical and business experience, programmers may be promoted to senior roles as lead programmers, systems analysts, or managers leading a team of programmers.

Besides a computer science degree, those interested in programming may benefit by professional certifications in JAVA II, C++, Microsoft ASP, etc.

-Database Administrators:

Database administrators are responsible for the design, implementation, maintenance, and repair of an organization’s database. They may also be responsible for formulating policies and procedures regarding the management, security, and use of the database.

Candidates can boost their chances of employment by completing professional certifications like Structured Query Language (SQL), SAP, etc after completing their computer science degree.

Like computer programmers, database administrators are also employed in a wide range of industries such as technology and telecommunication companies, financial firms, government agencies, etc. Many database administrators are promoted to managerial positions in their organizations depending on factors such as their education level, experience, and the ability to stay on top of emerging technologies.

-Network Administrators:

Network administration has emerged as one of the most popular computer science careers. Network administrators install and maintain hardware and software that make up an organization’s computer system. They are responsible for the smooth running of a company’s LAN, WAN, Internet, Intranet, and security systems. In some organizations, network administrators are also given the task of designing and deploying networks.

Those who have a bachelor’s degree in computer science along with professional certifications in A +, CCNA, Novell-C.N.A, C.N.E.- Advanced Administration, etc. are likely to enjoy good employment opportunities.

The good news for individuals interested in computer science degrees is that the U.S. Department of Labor has projected excellent job prospects for two of these three IT careers through 2018.1

There is growing evidence that computer science majors are back on the radar of technology companies looking to hire IT professionals who are not just technically sound, but also business savvy and skilled at solving problems and communication.

Things You Must Know About Performance Budgeting

Things You Must Know About Performance Budgeting

Performance budgeting is nothing but linking results or performance to the funding that one is to receive. The better you perform the better funding you will get next time round. Performance budgeting is another fancy term used for performance appraisal. Here you link your pay with your performance. The only difference being that performance budgeting is a term used in the public sector to show links between funds provided by the people and the outcomes of services.

It becomes necessary to think logically in a planned economy in terms of budgeting in both the ways as in context of nearest link in a well-integrated system of planning programming and budgeting and also as a tool of management. For organisation it provides a system of information for decision making, coordination, evaluation and control to the appropriate levels

Outcomes and outputs are more important in this form of budgeting rather than inputs. Potential future based results decide the allocation of funds and resources. Particularly in the public sector the performance budget’s main priority is to look for employees’ commitment to produce positive results. It is also a useful tool for the government to evaluate itself. With public attention being increasingly focused on the Government’s efforts, performance budgeting is a smart way to put their fears to rest.

To improve the public sector efficiency and performance as well as expenditure control is the objective of performance budgeting.

Types of performance budgeting

There are broadly three types of performance budgeting:

Presentational performance budgeting: This means that performance details are presented in the form of documents. Its main use is just to extract information and it play no role in the activities which involves decision making. Stamped budget documents of government they are.

Performance informed budgeting: It plays an important role in budget decision making but it do not help anyway in allocating resources and the like. It is more or less related to future performance or past performance.

Direct performance budgeting: In this you allocate resources based on past performance. But it limits itself to only some of the parts of the public sector.

How is performance information used for budgeting

Non-financial data in large quantities is place in the budget documents by many countries but it does not mean that those data is used to make budget decisions. But for this non-financial data to be translated to some budget decision, the performance information from the previous budget is needed.

To make a start budget should be put up in a way that will look into how and why money is allocated and does it produce desired outcomes or results. Generally this can be gauged from public surveys. In most of the countries it meant to be changing the entire budget.

How to put performance budgeting into practice

There are various approaches to the performance budgeting.

Top down: In developing and aiding reform central Government or ministries play the central role.

Bottom-up: Individual civil service societies or organizations act as agents of change.

Incremental changes Every new reform is introduced step by step, so there is no lump sum benefit in one shot.

Big bang approach Major reforms are institutionalized overnight. These often have bigger chances of failure.

These performance budgeting norms are creating waves in many countries and are becoming an important part of the state’s institution.

I’m An Entrepreneur And I Lost My Green Card

I’m An Entrepreneur and I Lost My Green Card

Green card is an identification that an entrepreneur gets as becoming the owner of an American company. A kind of brand that is extremely beneficial to the business and helps greatly in expansion especially outside world when expanding the business at a multinational level. Under such circumstances being an entrepreneur would mean constant traveling and inability to pay the required attention to the personal affairs and renewal of important documents.

Several such entrepreneurs would be the people who would have taken refuge in America either a generation or two before. On very rare occasions, they would be first generation settlers investing in a business. It is very common for such entrepreneurs to be missing the time for the green card renewal process.

This error they make though causes a great amount of problems. If the candidate is within the jurisdiction of the state they will loose the benefits and perks citizens get. The candidate shall also lose the position of being an ‘American’ company along with it the major brand. The company shall also loose tax cuts and other perks offered to the citizens. If the candidate is outside the country they would have trouble returning to the country.

That raises a question: under such circumstances should they be leaving or not be returning the country? After all these are men and women who have been paying their taxes, employing the local people in turn making them pay tax and finally increasing the country’s income. They are also influencing the economy by providing products that further triggers the demand-supply circle. Due to such busy times they are unable to find the time to file their papers in the local USCIS office. More importantly the business will be facing trouble in turn affecting the income of the state as well.

The answer given by the state is no! People who provide such an income should not be made to leave the country. The candidate can file a Form 1-90 in the nearest USCIS office with the required details once the filing has been made the USCIS officer will place a stamp on the passport of the candidate. A legal label that shows the citizenship period has been temporarily extended and the candidate can enjoy the benefits of being a US citizen and continue their services for the local place.

If there is an occasion where the candidate is away from US during the time the document is getting expired he or she can speak to the port office before arrival and have their documents filled after arrival. An option that is not the most advisable as it is better to file the documents before leaving the country.

Mr. Rippon has worked in journalism since he was really a high school reporter for The Tico Times. Having an MA in Language out of, Oxford University, he travels to the U . s . out of the realm of abroad real estate submission where by he handled the sector’s best-selling magazines for the british isles and Ireland .

Boost Employee Morale With An Exciting Adventure Team Building Event

Boost Employee Morale With An Exciting Adventure Team Building Event!

Corporations faced with a bout of low employee morale should organise exciting team building events to turn things around. Depending on the company budget available, there are lots of team building activities that can be implemented. Corporate event planners can organize a trip to a resort and run a myriad of group activities that encourage collaboration between co-workers.

What are some of the team building ideas that would make the event a success? Infusing a sense of adventure and fun would be the ultimate aim of these corporate events. Organising a paintball event encourages teamwork, collaboration and competition amongst teammates and opponents. Other team building activities that would be suitable would be treasure hunts or even canoeing or kayaking. Apart from that, specialized adventure team building retreats with obstacle courses could prove to be ideal for a corporate event.

Some of the physical challenges here include monkey bars, ravine crossing, climbing walls, tire runs and stainless steel cables. Participants can be grouped into teams and encouraged to compete against one another. With this, elements such as collaboration and teamwork can be incorporated into the group during the team building event.

Another form of team building such as the geo-caching activity utilizes the combination of natural and technology elements in a mixed urban and rural environment. With a basic concept that is somewhat similar to the Amazing Race, participants are given clues to locate the next clue hidden in caches in a city or park area. Thus, logic, knowledge, collaboration and teamwork would all need to be put into place in order to decipher the clues and move on to the next location. Maps and GPS units are provided to teams for directional assistance.

Geo-caching team building programs can incorporate physical challenges such as cross-country skiing, short walks through the city or parks, or even cycling or rowing. Depending on the objective of the corporate event, physical elements will help to increase difficulty level of the geo-caching activity.